Posted by Truth Ignited on Monday, December 19, 2016

The Effects Of War

          Having spent time in the military while serving in the United States Navy, I am familiar with much of the training that Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines endure. This training starts the moment they sign up for military service. It is fast paced and intense, and it is designed to accomplish one primary objective: train people to become killers.

          Brigadier General S.L.A. Marshal, in his 1947 book Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command makes a groundbreaking claim that only about 15 percent and no more than 25 percent of soldiers firing on enemy combatants will actually fire on the enemy. This was based on conditions present during World War II.

          These statistics have gone up considerably since that time. By the time Americans fought in the Korean War they rose to 55 percent, and in Vietnam they hit 95 percent. This is the result of conditioning designed by military trainers as a result of Marshals initial findings.

          These methods are really not all that different from what the average citizen experiences on a daily basis. Modern media and entertainment, such as television, radio, theater, and the Internet, have progressively caused people to slowly become accepting of things that were once considered abhorrent and evil. This has not only affected society as a whole, but also the direction many Churches have gone as well.

          The Barna Research Group is arguably the most respected research organization in the area of statistical analysis regarding Christian beliefs. These are the folks who can tell you what percentage of Christians believe the Bible is true, what percentage believe heaven is real, what percentage believe hell is real, what percentage of Christians actively attend Church, and so on. In one of their annual reports to sum up their findings for the year they make the following statement:

The problem facing the Christian Church is not that people lack a complete set of beliefs; the problem is that they have a full slate of beliefs in mind, which they think are consistent with biblical teachings, and they are neither open to being proven wrong nor to learning new insights.

          When people are so committed to lies that they are not willing to be proven wrong, they have been brainwashed. This is how Adolf Hitler was able to rally a nation behind the idea of exterminating God’s chosen people, the Jewish race. I should also point out that much of Hitler’s reign and the beliefs held by Nazi Germany are derived directly from the Anti-Semitic teachings of Martin Luther. Brainwashing leads to desensitization, which is why the Barna Group came to the above conclusion.

          I can tell you, I am totally open to being proven wrong. So much so that I have openly challenged all who contest my views to review my work and write a rebuttal to the points I have used to support these views. To date nobody has ever accomplished this, and among those opponents who have taken the time to read my work, every single one has concluded I am right in the end, deciding that they needed to make a life change as a result.

          I am not saying this to brag, but to merely point out the facts. My intent is to fulfill a mission and a mandate from the throne of God to bring the truth back to the Church. I believe this is confirmed through those who take time to read my work and find it cannot be challenged. Why? You cannot contest the truth.

          There is an old saying I have heard many time, “There is much to be gained by a return to the discarded values of the past.” This is nothing new, as Scripture records how God spoke through the Prophet Jeremiah calling for this very thing. Thus says Adonai: “Stand in the roads and look. Ask for the ancient paths—where the good way is—and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We won’t walk in it.’” (Jeremiah 6:16, TLV)

          Sadly, the people did not heed the words of the Prophet and just one chapter later we find the following statement being made in Jeremiah 7:16, “As for you, do not pray for this people. Do not offer any supplication or petition for them, nor entreat Me, because I will not hear you.”

          Desensitization of moral values is the battlefield of the longest running war ever waged on humanity. It finds its roots as far back as Eden when the serpent began speaking to the woman Eve to manipulate her mind and cause her to question God Himself. Those infamous words “Hath God said?” have been haunting the minds of men ever since that fateful day when man allowed sin to enter his life and become separated from his Creator.

          Those who hold moral values based on Scripture are finding themselves needing to make decisions today that the founding fathers of America certainly could not have anticipated when they framed the Constitution and foundational laws of the nation around principles from the Bible. Today’s America sees a culture where a person can declare that they are of a different gender then that which they actually are, and in so doing must be allowed to use a restroom in line with how they identify as opposed to their actual gender. In today’s America homosexuality is no longer considered an abomination, as declared in the Bible, but rather another way of life that must be accepted.

          An unborn child has no right, the mother is given the right to take her unborn child’s life, because until he or she is born they are considered just a part of the mother’s body, and the mother can do with her body as she pleases. It doesn’t matter the decision she made that caused her to become pregnant, all that matters is that she doesn’t want to be pregnant, so she is authorized by the government to murder her own child for convenience with no ramification.

          Gang violence has become normal in many segments of society. The battle rages on as to whether Black Lives Matter, Blue (Police) Lives Matter, All Lives Matter or Any Lives Matter. Those who have made a commitment to protect and serve in Law Enforcement are being villainized because of the decisions of a few (whether those decisions were warranted or not), while some consider a thug who heinously slaughters police in retaliation to be a hero.

          How did we get to this place in the one nation on Earth that is supposed to be genuinely founded on the Bible? The pattern that leads to this type of society is all too familiar, it has played out in history gone by, and yet it continues as new generations fail to reflect on the experiences of those who have gone before us.

The Days Of Noah, The Days Of Lot

“As it was in the days of Noah, so will it also be in the days of the Son of Man. They were eating, drinking, marrying, and being given in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was just the same in the days of Lot. They were eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building. But on the day Lot left Sodom, it rained fire and sulfur from heaven and destroyed them all. Things will be the same on the day when the Son of Man is made fully known.”
~Luke 17:26-30 (TLV)

          In this passage we see two scenarios given that are comparable to the conditions that Yeshua states will be repeated prior to His return. These are the days of Noah and the days of Lot. In both cases the world they knew was destroyed, one by a flood of water and the other through the raining down of fire and brimstone. What gets interesting is that both of these scenarios reveal a pattern of behavior that we can trace back to single events that, I believe, may have ultimately started the process that resulted in God’s wrath.

          Society doesn’t just become corrupt overnight. Decisions that are making Bible Believers irate, such as the legalization of gay marriage, didn’t just happen. These are the results of a slow process of systematically ignoring God’s instructions, and it goes back to some of the most seemingly insignificant of commandments every time.

          I would encourage you to take some time and read through the book of Genesis, at least through the 19th chapter. What I am going to do is give a quick rundown of events that led up to the final events in the days of Noah and the days of Lot, tracing backwards. Starting with Lot, we find ourselves in the region known as Sodom and Gomorrah. Most scholars seem to agree that the major form of evil running rampant in this region was sexually based sin.

          In Genesis 19 we see two men approach Lot’s home and demand that he produce two men that came to him, because they wanted to have sex with them. Now, as if the homosexual proposal wasn’t bad enough, Lot himself had become so desensitized to morality while in this region that he actually offered up his own daughters to these men instead. Jude 7 (TLV) says, “In the same way as these angels, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them—having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after a different sort of flesh—are displayed as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.”

          If we go back to Genesis 11 we find the account of the Tower of Babel. Here we see that people had gotten to a place where they felt they could build a tower to the heavens. They essentially had felt themselves bigger and better than God who created them.

          Then in Genesis 10 we find the origins of the nations who would rise up to oppose God and His people. From Ninevah to Babel to Canaan and many others, these were the descendants of Ham, whom we will see in a moment betrayed his father Noah. These nations would develop into a culture of wickedness, people who held no value for life, who would engage in the sacrifice of their own children on the altar of their false gods. This does not seem all that unlike what is happening in America today, where the abortion industry has convinced people to sacrifice their children on the altar of their own humanistic desires.

          But just one chapter before this, fresh out of the flood and the “reboot” of Creation, Noah himself seems to have a moral failure. What happened? He got drunk with wine and passed out naked. It was upon seeing his father’s nakedness that Ham made his move that would cause his lineage to receive a curse from Noah, which resulted in the formation of nations that opposed God.

          Now, I am not writing this in order to debate whether or not we can drink alcohol as Believers in Yeshua. The fact is, there are verses that can easily be used as justification for drinking, at least “in moderation” as some will say (although moderation is generally considered relative and open to individual interpretation… yeah, OK). However, there are plenty of other Bible verses that make a strong case to call drinking alcohol at all an outright sin that must be avoided.

          Here’s the thing, my belief is that if something in Scripture appears to be unclear, it is ALWAYS best to err on the side of caution. There is no good reason to drink alcoholic beverages. Even alleged health benefits, such as the heart health benefits and presence of resveratrol in wine, have been shown to exist in non-alcoholic products as well.

          Organic dark grape juice has been shown to have the same heart health benefits and contains the same levels of resveratrol. In addition to this, the alleged benefits of the wine disappear if you drink more than one glass as the negative effects of the alcohol on the body begin to outweigh the benefits, while the grape juice has no limits as it will not harm your body even if you choose to drink the whole bottle.

          Having studied the topic in depth, I often find that there are varying words in the original languages of the Bible (primarily Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic) that have all been translated as “wine” in English Bibles. In many cases, particularly those that seem to be permitting God’s people to drink wine, these original words can mean fresh squeezed grape juice, rarely fermented (like, if fermenting has begun, it certainly isn’t going to get you drunk).

          As I believe that we should err on the side of caution, thus making alcohol consumption something we should not be doing, for the purposes of this study I am going to conclude that Noah was wrong for drinking the wine and most certainly wrong in getting drunk. You can disagree if you wish, but he put something in his body that had very negative consequences and it set the ball rolling for what would conclude with Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah. Think about it, if Noah hadn’t gotten drunk, then Ham would not have seen him naked, would not have brought a curse upon his lineage, would not have fathered the pagan nations that would come to oppose God, and the men of Sodom and Gomorrah would not have been demanding men to fulfill their homosexual lust filled desires.

          What we know today is that alcohol is a substance that harms the body. It destroys the liver, it causes the brain to be damaged, it is one of the major causes of traffic accidents (many resulting in death), and it simply is not a good idea to put alcohol into your body. There may be an exception in regard to certain medicinal uses of alcohol, but these should only really be used under the direction and monitoring of a trained medical professional.

          Bottom line, alcohol is bad for the human body, particularly when consumed in large quantities. Even among Believers who contend for drinking (alcohol) in moderation, practically all I have come across agree that drunkenness is a sin. Drunkards, after all, are listed among those who will not inherit the Kingdom of God in 1 Corinthians 6:10. So, we can conclude that this whole chain of events started with Noah consuming something that he was not supposed to have.

          The irony in all of this is that Noah was the one man chosen by God to come into covenant with and give a fresh start to the world after evil had taken over. If we trace back before the flood we find the same pattern coming to a conclusion once again. In Genesis 6 we find a scene where it says that the “sons of God took for wives the daughters of men”. These beings are known as the Nephilim and are generally said to have been giant men. The subject of many theories, I have heard it said that these were something other than human, that they were some type of heavenly being, alien creatures, or even genetically modified people.

          Regardless of whether any of these wild claims hold any weight, what we know is that this appears to have been considered an act of evil, as it leads God to a decision to wipe out all life, preserving only what was necessary to start over again on the ark that Noah built. I do find it interesting that among Torah commandments we find instructions to not cross-breed animals or cross-pollinate plants (Leviticus 19:19) and commandments not to have sex with animals (Leviticus 18:23). If these Nephilim were something other than human, even if they were similar enough to produce offspring much like a lion and a tiger can create a rare cat known as a “liger”. Is it possible that this is why God was angered enough to destroy the world and start over? Either way, the climax of the situation once again was based on something considered sexually immoral.

          If we go back to Genesis 5 we find the story of where Cain killed his brother Abel. This is a well known story, and so there is no need to go into much detail about it. I must point out, though, that we are seeing the same pattern tracing back once again, murder preceding sexual immorality.

          There is one sin that came before this murder. Before Adam and Eve gave birth to their first two sons, they were placed in the garden and given two simple instructions: Take care of the Earth (Genesis 1:28) and don’t eat from a tree that was in the midst of the garden (Genesis 2:17). That was it! Just two simple things, that’s all they had to do and life would flourish, creation would remain in perfect harmony, and the Earth would function the way it was made to.

          As we know all too well, they failed in this when they succumbed to the lies of the serpent and ate the fruit of the tree. Scripture does not indicate what type of fruit this was, but I highly doubt that it was the apple that modern religion portrays. You see, the image of a naked Caucasian woman plucking an apple from a tree with a snake dangling from one branch is another part of the desensitization process. The enemy has been hard at work since the origins of post-resurrection faith to try and strip away the Hebraic origins of the Scripture from the minds of Christian Believers.

          So, once again we see the pattern that leads to complete evil starts with people eating things that God did not intend for us to eat, and even instructs us not to eat. It seems that the enemy, Satan, has always resorted to this trick in order to set his plans of destruction in motion.

A God Of Laws

          One may wonder why God doesn’t just come in and stop all of this. After all, He is God, He is all-powerful, He created this world and the life within it. Certainly He can just put an end to the madness and take the devil out for good, right?

          Well, the problem is that God is also a God of laws. Laws He set in place from the time of Creation govern everything in this world. He is also a God of covenant, and when He makes a covenant agreement He binds Himself to that agreement. God will not break His covenant no matter what, and part of His covenant with humanity upon creating man is that He gave man dominion in the Earth. This means that everything that happens on this planet has to go through man.

          The only way God can preserve His Creation is to provide man with the laws that govern the world. This is why He gave His Laws, long before Moses who merely wrote them down. While we do not have records of everything that God shared with Adam and Eve in the garden, I believe that everything Moses wrote down in regard to natural laws was given to Adam in the garden and passed down from generation to generation.

          Why else would Noah know about clean and unclean animals before the floodwaters came? Genesis 6 and 7 speak as though Noah already knew the difference, as God did not take time to explain it but just told him what to do as if he already knew which were clean and which were unclean.

          There is some symbolism in this pattern of events. Food is essential to sustaining one’s own life. As has been well established, and as I have pointed out in previous works, eating things that God says not to eat destroys the body, causing all sorts of health issues, and premature death. Ultimately, the deception that causes people to eat what God said not to eat is a disregard for ones own life. The attitude is, “it’s my body, we only live once, why not just eat what I like to eat?”

          This attitude comes from a wrong mindset that many Believers have. If you give your life to Christ, you need to change your mind from one of earthly things to one of eternal things. People who cross over to the mindset of eternity do not “live for today” or say that “we only live once, we should enjoy our life”. The Bible says that if we want eternal life we must lay down our life.

          This means that we do not “live for today” but that we live with a goal of an eternity in the presence of the Master. When this becomes your mindset you will look for everything in the Bible that you can obey and you will commit to obeying those things without exception.

          If you really want to know how committed a Christian is, just take him or her out to dinner and ask if they are willing to give up all pork, shellfish and other unclean meat products for their Master and Messiah. One thing I have found, at least within the world of Christianity, is that if you can get a Christian to obey God’s Dietary Instructions you will have someone who is willing to completely sell out. On the other hand, those who refuse to give these things up are usually compromising on many other things as well.

          Some things, when eaten, can cause almost instant death. One example is the poison dart frog. If you have come across this tiny creature in any of my previous written works, or have heard my 1 Timothy 4:4 Challenge, then you know just how poisonous this particular frog is. A defense mechanism to protect it from predators, the body of the poison dart frog contains a high level of toxic poison strong enough to kill ten men dead.

          The problem, however, is not with people eating poison frogs. The problem is with eating things that, while harmful, don’t kill you immediately. Through the systematic desensitization of your mind, you become convinced that if something is not deadly, then it must be OK.

          Do you know that many drugs that go on the market in the world of modern medicine don’t have to be “proven safe” before they are approved? They simply need to prove that the medication is not deadly (at least not immediately deadly). These are not the same thing. While the line between them might be as fine as the line between a meteorologist saying that it is mostly sunny one day and partly cloudy the next, the requirement to show a medication as “not deadly” is certainly not the same as proving the drug to be “safe”.

          Have you ever watched a commercial for a new medication and listened intently to the list of potential side effects? You know, they put together this hyped up piece about how great the drug is, and then at the end, only because required to by law, they give you a list of side effects. Those who produce these commercials intentionally switch to a soft background voice while trying to keep you distracted from actually listening to these potential effects. Not only are the conditions being listed out pretty scary, it seems that “sudden death” is almost always a potential side effect.

          Think about that! They have to show these drugs as “not deadly” in order to have them approved, but they list “sudden death” as a potential side effect. And people are buying into this!

          This is all a part of the desensitization of your mind that causes you to think these things are OK. If a Doctor prescribes something, it must be trustworthy, right? Now, I am NOT telling you to reject a Doctor’s orders or refuse to take medications prescribed to you, but I caution you to use discretion, talk it over in great length, learn all the side effects of the item, get a second opinion, and the moment you have the chance to get off it under the Doctor’s orders, DO IT. And when you are off the medication, engage in a legitimate detoxification process with lots of water, fruits and vegetables, juices, etc. Your Doctor should be able to assist you with this or refer you to a specialist who can.

          The same is true of those things God tells us not to eat. People can be told the “side effects” that can and often do come from eating things like pork, shellfish, rabbit, catfish, shark, squirrel, or whatever else falls under the category of “unclean” according to Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14. Despite knowing these things, however, they decide that they only have one life, might as well enjoy it. What will you do if you stand before the Creator only to find out that you were WRONG?

          If you’ve read some of my previous articles you may know that the word “clean” used in Scripture pertaining to food as used in the New Testament is the Greek word “katharos” which means, “without admixture.” In the context of salvation, the word “katharos” also means, “Free from the contaminating (soiling) influences of sin.” Essentially, it means that you don’t put into your body what doesn’t belong there.

          People are constantly putting things into their body that don’t belong there. I have a short memorized list of things that are put into food today that if I see them on the ingredients, I absolutely will not buy the item. I call these things “red flag ingredients” as seeing them should send up a red flag to not buy the item. This list includes, but is not limited to: pork, shellfish, any other unclean animal product, artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, acesulfame-k/acesulfame potassium, neotame, etc.), artificial flavors, chemical preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, etc.), food dyes (anywhere you see the name of a color with a number next to it), and gelatin (which is a product made from the skin and bones of pigs, unless it is marked as “kosher gelatin” or “vegan gelatin”).

          Additionally, if I see an ingredient listed that I am not familiar with, I don’t buy the product until I have a chance to research the item and find out what it is and if it is safe. Some grocers and restaurants are beginning to put out lists of “food ingredients” now that they have banned from their company. You simply will not find any product on their store shelves or on the menu that contains these dangerous contaminants. Don’t put any of this unclean admixture in your body!

          I have had people wonder at times why I would “spend so much money” on food at the health food supermarket, especially when it means sometimes I have to give up other things I would like to spend my money on. The fact is, once you really understand these things you simply will not be physically capable of buying food items that oppose the design of God’s Creation. The knowledge of the truth mixed with a mind on eternity is a powerful thing, and when you add in the “Christ in me” from Galatians 2 and your body being the Temple of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) into it you will find that it is impossible for you to defy and dishonor the Master in this area.

          I see people all the time who claim to place their faith in Yahweh the Creator, Yeshua the Son, the Ruach HaKodesh of Yahweh, and the Word of God, and yet they have no regard for their own life or health. I see them drinking soda (as a side note, diet sodas are actually WORSE than regular sodas, because of the artificial sweeteners), eating pork and shellfish, chewing gum (I have looked, pretty much all gum I have seen on the market today is sweetened with aspartame, a very dangerous chemical poison used to sweeten food products), and the list goes on and on. This should not be!

What Is Legalism?

          As a result of religious bans of many food items in the past based on misunderstandings, any teaching today that advises a Scriptural prohibition on a food product is viewed by many as legalistic. The reality is that it is not legalistic, it is the will of God for you and your health. Legalism is merely the act of trying to earn or maintain salvation through obedience. Obeying God and His Word our of a heart of love because you truly are saved (from sin, which is the transgression of God’s Torah) is NOT legalism.

          Yeshua said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” One of His commandments is to not eat unclean things. Whether it’s the flesh of animals called out in Scripture as unclean, or drinking harmful things like soda, or eating things that contain harmful man-made chemical additives, or whatever, if you are eating and drinking these things, you basically don’t love God. I didn’t say it, your Messiah did! After all, how can you claim to be loving God if you are knowingly and willingly doing things that are destructive to your body and the planet, both being His Creation?

          Right there I just lost a whole bunch of people. You are thinking, “I can’t believe he just said that, the nerve, how dare he say that I don’t love God because I eat bacon, or drink soda, or chew gum, or __________.” Do you want to know why that is your thought? Because you have been desensitized!

          You don’t believe these things are bad because the effects are slow and gradual. You here stories about people in their 80’s or 90’s who drink diet soda and smoke cigarettes every day and still get out and walk 10 miles a day too. Let me help you out, a person who beats the odds is not an example to follow, it’s a tool of the enemy to desensitize and deceive you.

          I’ll take it a step further; If you are not eating only foods that meet the criteria of “clean” in Scripture AND are all natural (labeled organic as often as you can find, as the organic label ensures that the food item is as close as possible to the way God designed it), then you don’t love God. I wrote a message on this a while back titled Do You REALLY Love God? It’s a good read.

          Something I find interesting is that when it comes to Christians, who make up the largest group of people who base their beliefs on the Bible, if you can convince them to follow the Bible’s Dietary Instructions you can pretty much be assured that they will become so on fire for God that they will obey practically anything the Bible commands. (Other groups, such as Jews, Messianics, and those embracing Hebrew Roots, who do follow the Dietary Instructions of the Bible, sometimes have other issues that need to be addressed.)

          Once a Christian sees the truth and gives up pork, shellfish, and everything unclean, you can even get into things that have very little guidance, like not wearing wool and linen together. Did you know that both wool and linen garments possess healing properties when worn alone, but if you wear them together they turn on each other and become harmful to your health? Sounds crazy, but there are studies to show this! I have touched on this before as well in and article titled Divine Garments.

          Earlier I mentioned the issue of drinking alcohol, and gave my personal conclusion that it is best to just not drink it at all. Err on the side of caution. Many who guide their life by the Bible believe the same in some form or fashion, believing and teaching that we should not drink alcohol at all, even to the point of calling it a sin that will result in sending you to hell. The thing about this, though, is that there actually is no direct and clear commandment in Scripture against drinking alcoholic beverages.

          Of eating animal flesh from creatures called “unclean” in Scripture it is called an abomination. Of the many things the Bible calls an abomination, such as murder, homosexuality, lying, stealing, worshiping idols, and many others, most Believers would agree that all indeed are an abomination… with that one exception: eating unclean animals. Does it seem odd to you that most Christians will not argue with you that something called an abomination in the Bible is indeed an abomination, that is until you tell them that the bacon they eat for breakfast, the ham sandwich for lunch, and the lobster and shrimp they ordered at their favorite restaurant for dinner is an abomination?

          Many use the Greek word “pharmakeia”, which is translated as “witchcraft” in most English Bibles, as a major argument against the use of drugs. The word is where we get the modern word “pharmacy” from and has a lot to do with drug-related witchcraft, of which mind-altering substances are certainly a major part.

          Most who hold views against drinking alcohol also agree that use of drugs (usually with the exception of those designated for medical purposes) is a sin as well. Marijuana, cocaine, heroine, acid, and even tobacco cigarettes get lumped into this category, along with many others. Certainly these are things that don’t belong in our body. In addition to “pharmekeia” they would also fit into the realm of “katharos/akathartos”. Yet again, however, while knowing that these are things to be avoided, the use of them is not directly prohibited and called an abomination the way eating pork, shellfish or any other unclean animal meat is.

          Let me tell you, any preacher, teacher or minister of the Bible who condemns drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and using narcotic drugs but says it is OK to eat pork, shellfish, or any other unclean meat is an absolute hypocrite and a liar. Call me an extremist or a fanatic all you want, but prove me wrong.

          As mentioned already, I’ve challenged people in the past to write rebuttals to my works about the health effects of eating unclean animals and the effects that violating dietary, agricultural, health and hygiene laws has on the environment. Nobody has yet to do it. I suspect this may be due to the fact that I back up my work by Scripture, defining Hebrew and Greek key words, referencing history and culture, and citing legitimate academic resources.

          Among those who have claimed I am wrong, those who have actually taken the time to read through my work conclude that I am right and they were wrong. As a result, they generally make the choice to change their diet.

          What people don’t seem to realize is that they oppose use of drugs, alcohol and other substances, yet they are willing to eat things that have drugs in them. Did you know that if you go to the grocery store and are not careful about what meats you select, even among things that are considered clean, you could potentially be buying meat that is filled with drugs?

          Many animals today are raised in poor conditions and to combat these conditions they are pumped with growth hormones, antibiotics, and prior to being slaughtered they are given tranquilizers. All of these drugs remain in the meat, and when you eat it, you are literally poisoning your own body with these drugs. And people sometimes wonder why I will pay more for meats from the grocer that specializes in health foods! Well, that’s why!

          I once was trying to talk to a preacher who was pushing a particular weight loss pill. I looked it up and found out that the key ingredient was a substance that is also the primary ingredient used in LSD and Morphine. It is literally a mind-altering substance. Its application in this diet pill was that it tricks your mind into thinking you aren’t hungry. I tried to explain this to him and he flipped out about it. I was not surprised, as this is a typical reaction from drug users when you try to take away their drugs.

Is It Hard To Obey The Bible?

          The Bible says that in the end times even the elect of God will be deceived, if possible. Could it be that we have become so desensitized to common sense morality and Bible basics that we have preachers pushing drugs under the guise of weight loss pills? Have we gotten so far away from God that we can’t recognize the fact that we claim to place our faith in a God of whom we can’t even seem to obey His Word?

          Some people try to tell me that it is too hard to obey the Bible. This is rather preposterous, but let’s take a look at what God says about this.

For this mitzvah that I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it far off. It is not in the heavens, that you should say, ‘Who will go up for us to the heavens and get it for us, and have us hear it so we may do it?’ Nor is it across the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will cross over for us to the other side of the sea and get it for us, and have us hear it so we may do it?’ No, the word is very near to you—in your mouth and in your heart, to do it.
~Deuteronomy 30:11-14 (TLV)

          I started out by saying that eating things God said not to eat is symbolic of a disregard for your own life. As we have seen from our patterns given in Scripture above about the days of Noah and the days of Lot, the next major thing to come is murder. This is a disregard for human life in general. Once people have become so disillusioned by the lie and become convinced that their own life doesn’t really matter then the next step in the progression is to conclude that nobody else’s life matters either.

          The result of this is a rise in people killing each other. Whether it’s through the abomination of abortion, gang violence, radical terrorism (which is NOT limited to Islam, although radical Islamic terrorism is probably the most abundant), or even war, the taking of human life is NEVER the will of God. The taking of human life ONLY exists as a result of the fall of man in the garden when a man ate something God said not to eat. Really, I just don’t understand why it is still so hard to get some people to obey God’s Word concerning diet when the whole problem of sin is directly connected to the act of eating something God said not to eat. It really doesn’t make any sense how we have allowed ourselves to become so desensitized as a people.

          Then after murder the final phase was sexual abominations and perversions like bestiality (sex with animals) or homosexuality. These are acts that prevent life from continuing. A man and a man cannot have a child together, a woman and a woman cannot have a child together, a human and an animal cannot produce offspring, and an adult cannot have a child with a child. No matter how much people try to create so-called scientific evidence to say that these actions are based on genetics, the truth is they are perversions that are NOT designed by God.

          Get mad at me and call me a hater all you want, it really doesn’t matter to me. If you are a proponent of such things, I’m not really talking to you anyway. I’m talking to people who claim to truly place their faith in the God of the Bible and the Bible of that God.

          I see Christians rising up in “righteous indignation” every time a law is passed to legalize gay marriage, or transgendered cross-dressing men are permitted into a public women’s restroom, or abortion is permitted all the way up to the ninth month of pregnancy, or a sworn law enforcement official shoots a young man for seemingly no apparent reason. While these are all reasons for concern and things we as the Body of Messiah should be addressing, perhaps it’s time for us to take responsibility for our own actions.

          The pattern of the days of Noah and the days of Lot start with God’s chosen and elect consuming things that Scripture says that people are not to be consuming. Adam and Eve were commanded not to eat of one tree. They did it, and the next thing you know their son was killing his brother. Eventually the sons of God had sex with the daughters of men and God decided to destroy the whole thing.

          This repeated right away as Noah, God’s chosen and elect, decided to get drunk. This too eventually led to murder and then sexual immorality on a level not all that different from the world we live in today.

          The pattern of desensitization starts by causing you to disregard your own life and health, followed by a disregard for all other life, and concludes with perverted desires that prevent the reproduction of life. This always traces back to one thing: Consuming things that God instructed us not to put into our bodies.

          I have often heard my Pastor say that it is not the atheist shaking his fist in defiance to God that threatens our society, but rather so-called Christians who despite their outward appearance are a verifiable strangers to the God they claim to serve. I challenge you, can you know God if you don’t know His Word? Can you serve God without obeying His Word?

          Knowing the pattern I have described here, and knowing the well documented reasons I have provided in previous messages to obey simple instructions like what not to eat, keeping the Sabbath, following a few simple instructions on what kinds of clothes you wear, and other similarly simple admonitions, can you seriously walk away from this message unchanged? Say I am wrong all you want, claim that you are under grace and go live how you please, do what is right in your own eyes. I really can’t stop you, all I can do is provide you with information. BUT…WHAT IF… JUST MAYBE… IT IS YOU THAT IS WRONG?

          Think about it, what if you are wrong about this? Will you continue, and take the chance that you have of standing before the Master only to find out you were wrong? I mean, when He lays out the consequences, the health problems you may have suffered, the effects on the planet, the pattern of murder and sexual perversion, all connected with the pork chop you refused to trade for a chicken breast or the lobster tail you refused to trade for a filet of salmon.

          In teaching people about abstinence from drinking alcohol I often use an analogy: What’s in the bottle? In the natural, there is beer, wine, whiskey, rum, vodka, brandy, or some other alcohol product in the bottle. But what is REALLY in the bottle?

          Automobile accidents are in the bottle. Rape and incest are in the bottle. Fighting and violence are in the bottle. Murder is in the bottle. Indecent exposure is in the bottle. All manner of evil is in the bottle.

          If these acts of evil are in the bottle, all of which pale in comparison to what I have shown through this study and numerous other messages is connected to eating the abomination. How much more do you suppose it must provoke God’s wrath to eat this stuff? It is no wonder that Isaiah says that people who eat unclean things and the abomination will be destroyed in Messiah’s wrath when He returns (Isaiah 66:17).

          If you have read this message and still aren’t sure if you can accept it, it is very likely that you have become desensitized through the lies of the enemy and the false teachings of modern Christian religion. My only suggestion to you is that you at least consider stopping to do things that violate God’s Word until such time as you can study to a point that you can absolutely conclude one way or the other. I can assure you, if you do this, you will never rebel against the Word of YHWH ever again.

Blessings and Shalom!

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